Jagged Little Pill at Broadhurst Theatre

Jagged Little Pill Tickets

Broadhurst Theatre | New York, New York

The much anticipated Jagged Little Pill comes to New York City, New York on Tuesday 3rd December 2019. Hosted by none other than best theatre venue, Broadhurst Theatre. December is full of exciting events at Broadhurst Theatre and this event is no different. Jagged Little Pill has been trending on social media in New York since it's announcement. As with all theatre events, this is bound to have plenty of awesome instagram worthy moments. Jagged Little Pill tickets have been selling since day one. All of New York City will want to be here, but unfortunately there's limited seats! Secure seats for any friends and family joining you at this awesome theatre event, by getting tickets ASAP.

ENCORE! ENCORE! That's what you are going to be shouting at the end of this highly decorated event. Expect laughter, tears and anything in between with this multifaceted show. This event stays true to the experience expected of any Broadhurst Theatre event. Many critics have called the Jagged Little Pill theater show as "a marvelous delivery of all that makes theatre wonderful" and it has even drawn the notice of the New York Times. This event runs for a limited time only so be quick to secure your tickets asap before the event moves on.

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