Anastasia at Broadhurst Theatre

Anastasia Tickets

Broadhurst Theatre | New York, New York

Broadhurst Theatre is proud to present Anastasia on Sunday 2nd June 2019! This performance is made up of an all-star cast who are prepared to give you an unbelievable night of top quality entertainment! From the iconic location in New York City you’ll be able to enjoy this outstanding show. Best of all Broadhurst Theatre has some of the greatest stage and seating in New York City, because Broadhurst Theatre wants all guests to walk away with the joy that they deserve. So come along and enjoy the unrivalled atmosphere for live performances like Anastasia! Tickets are moving fast, so get yours today.

Anastasia at Broadhurst Theatre

Anastasia has been the main talking point for many across New York and the nation. The coverage this event is gaining is quite amazing. Even the New York Times has written in favor about Anastasia. New York City has limited Broadway theatres that are fit for hosting such a high profile theater event. Broadhurst Theatre being one of the finest Broadway theaters in the town. The box-office has been full at this notably loved Broadway venue in New York City after the news of this show was announced. So you are asked to turn-off your mobile phones and give a great round-of-applause and welcome to the stage the legendary, the sensational; Anastasia! The curtains are now up and it is showtime!

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